DFDS acquires Dutch part-load operator Huisman Group

DFDS acquires Dutch part-load operator Huisman Group

The transaction gives DFDS critical mass in its part-load transport business between the European continent and the UK. It will be managed from Huisman Group’s current headquarters in Wijchen in the Netherlands. DFDS intends to grow the business and expand services to new markets.

Dear everyone,

I am extremely pleased to inform you that today we have signed an agreement to acquire the Dutch logistics company Huisman Group.
Huisman Group is a part-load and contract logistics operator focused on time-critical freight between continental Europe and the UK/Ireland. It is headquartered in Wijchen in the Netherlands, and operations include warehouses and cross-docking facilities in Wijchen and Corby in the UK, as well as a fleet of around 55 trailers and 50 trucks. The company has 104 employees and annual revenues of EUR 23 million.
It is a very well-run company that is known for its fantastic customer service and very high levels of reliability. It is also a great addition to DFDS where we have been focusing more on full-load transport and less on part-load. With Huisman Group, we will grow our part-load business considerably and achieve the critical mass we need to make it a solid and profitable business for DFDS.
I warmly welcome our new colleagues from Huisman to DFDS. Together, we will be able to build an even stronger part-load business for the future.

Operated from Wijchen
DFDS’ current Dutch part-load activities will be integrated into Huisman Group’s business, as their operation is by far the largest. The new integrated part-load business will be managed by John Scholten, current MD of the Huisman Group. He will in the future be Head of DFDS’ new part-load business in the Netherlands and report to Michael Bech, VP and Head of BU Continent.
The integration of the part-load activities into Huisman will guarantee that Huisman’s many customers do not experience unnecessary changes to the services they know and value, and that DFDS’ customers will be offered an even wider range of services.

Investment in growth
With this, we have created a new part-load growth area in DFDS, and it is our plan to keep investing in growing its organisation, skills, facilities and equipment to expand services in the Netherlands and the UK as well as to and from other countries.
This investment will benefit growth in DFDS as well as in Huisman – which will eventually be re-named DFDS Wijchen. It will be a further tool in adapting business to Brexit and enable us to meet the growth ambitions of DFDS’ Win23 strategy so we can continue developing opportunities for everyone at DFDS and Huisman, our customers and those around us.
I would already like to thank everyone who has contributed to making this possible, not least those of you at Huisman and DFDS who created the foundation for it through servicing your customers every day.
Below is a short description of Huisman and DFDS, and a few key people.
Niklas Andersson, EVP and Head of DFDS Logistics

Huisman Group
In 1970, Frans Huisman started a successful courier service between Venray and Nijmegen. Today, the Huisman Group is specialised in logistics solutions for the United Kingdom and Ireland, and provides services such as transport and forwarding, contract logistics and supply chain solutions to international clients who are looking for an above-average level of service. Huisman Group has achieved an outstanding record when it comes to contract logistics and the transport of high-value, time-critical or fragile goods. The company is headquartered in Wijchen and operates warehouses and cross-docking centres in Wijchen and Corby in the UK. It employs 104 people and operates its own trucks and trailers.

DFDS’ Logistics Division is part of the more than 150-year-old ferry and logistics Group DFDS that operates a ferry and logistics network throughout Europe. DFDS has annual revenues of more than EUR 2 billion and employs over 8,000 people. The logistics activities include transport of full and part-loads, dry and temperature-controlled transport, contract logistics, warehouses, cross-docking and other supply chain services throughout Europe. DFDS is headquartered in Copenhagen and is listed on the stock exchange. Torben Carlsen is President and CEO. See more here https://www.dfds.com/en and https://www.dfds.com/en/about

Niklas Andersson

Niklas Andersson (46) is Executive Vice President of DFDS, Head of DFDS’ Logistics Division and member of the DFDS Executive Management Team of six. He was promoted EVP on 1 September this year from his previous position as Head of Logistics’ BU Nordic and Continent. Niklas is from Gothenburg in Sweden and moved to DFDS House in Copenhagen, where he now has his office.

Michael Bech

Michael Bech (47) is VP of the logistics Division’s BU Continent. He is also MD of the trailer and Container businesses in Vlaardingen and of our special Cargo business and in charge of offices in Ghent (Luc Geysen), Hamburg (Sven Ohlsen) and Prague (Karel Batka). In the future, Wijchen (John Scholten) will also report to Michael. Michael reports to Niklas Andersson

John Scholten

John Scholten (54) is owner and Managing Director of the Huisman Group, which he joined in 1991. In the future, he will be director of DFDS’ part-load activities which he will grow on the basis of DFDS Wijchen and in collaboration with Michael Bech (to whom he reports) for the continental activities, with Allan Bell for the UK & Ireland activities and with Valdemar Warburg for the Nordic and Baltic activities. John’s focus is on his clients. He likes that the concept offered ensures that a client becomes more competitive in his own market. He will continue to be based in Wijchen. He lives near Nijmegen with his wife and two children.

December 9, 2019

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