Transport & forwarding

Transport & forwarding

Part loads and ADR / HACCP transport

Part loads or groupage of high-value, HACCP, ADR and/or fragile goods? On-time deliveries in the UK or Ireland? Rush shipments, supervised transport, or localised on the spot distribution? Significant benefits can be realised especially in the transport chain, in other words the last metres that your product needs to cross in the overall process from the initial product development to the final delivery to the end user. By sparing no expense to ensure the safety, security, and delivery reliability of your high-value goods. By controlling and managing the transport costs. And by providing you with a clear and transparent competitive edge.

Transport of high-value goods from and to Great Britain & Ireland

DFDS Wijchen has a successful track record of almost 50 years in transporting goods from and to Great Britain and Ireland. We have an outstanding record when it comes to the transport of high-value, time-critical, or fragile goods or any combination of these.

Why DFDS Wijchen?

  • As high as 99.5% delivery reliability
  • Strengthen your competitive position
  • Transparent track record of efficiency and safety
  • Deliver to 80% of the residents of Great Britain within only 4 hours
  • Dutch-speaking and English-speaking drivers
  • Delivery to the door of the department

Strategic locations in the Netherlands and the UK

transport engeland specialist

Our branches are strategically located in the Netherlands (Nijmegen/Wijchen)) and the UK (Corby/Midlands). From these locations, we deliver 80% of our shipments on the very next day. And we deliver 99.5% performance figures, based on a maximum deviation of 1 hour from the agreed delivery time.


plug and play transport

DFDS Wijchen makes significant investments, on an ongoing basis, in innovative solutions, intelligent IT, and system integration to ensure that each and every load is transported efficiently, safely, and traceably.

Financial benefit

We also provide standard economical solutions such as container transport in Ireland as well as transport via a pallet network and a parcel network. To ensure that such transports also comply with the DFDS Wijchen brand of quality, we use these networks only if the goods are suitable for such an economical alternative. And we only do so after first consulting with you.

Dedicated customer service

We are very much aware of the importance of clarity, communication, and effective coordination with client and recipient. A customer service team is always in place at our branches in the Netherlands and the UK to ensure that each and every transport is carried out safely and effectively. These dedicated teams are focused on providing service to you and your clients in the same way that you would expect from your own employees.

OF 99,5%?


UK coverage:
80% in 4 hours



Why did you choose for DFDS Wijchen?

"Thanks to DFDS Wijchen's performance and service I can add value for my own clients."

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