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The battle for the consumer is extremely competitive. Suppliers of consumer goods are flooding the market with new concepts, surprising formulas and extra services. As a result, retailers face low margins, fluctuations in demand, and short delivery times.

From simply a necessity to a differentiating factor

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Whereas logistics used to be simply a matter of necessity, it’s now primarily used to gain an edge on the competition. When it comes to delivering consumer goods such as electronics, the most important aspects are security and reliability. DFDS Wijchen delivers both of these.

DFDS Wijchen delivers the goods

Corby warehouse

From our strategically located warehouse in the Midlands, we can reach no less than 80% of the British population within only 4 hours. If you also factor in a delivery reliability of 99.5%, it then immediately becomes clear why DFDS Wijchen can make the difference in the battle for consumers.

Quality through security

DFDS Wijchen’s brand of quality is also attested to by the types of products that we transport. For example, we primarily deliver high-value and fragile goods to large department stores and retail chains. We focus a great deal of attention on security issues:

  • Loading and securing is carried out in accordance with strict protocols
  • Overnight stays with high-value goods are done only in secure parking places
  • Our warehouses are protected with a range of anti-intrusion measures

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