DFDS Wijchen delivers
industrial equipment


DFDS Wijchen has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the transportation of industrial capital goods and equipment. We transport stand-alone machines as well as complete machine lines and semi-manufactured products.

A major challenge

transporteren van industriƫle goederen

Transporting these kinds of equipment and systems often represents a major challenge. Service engineers are often ready and waiting at the location in question, which means that on-time delivery is essential. In spite of this time pressure, safety and security are always the most critical factors. Our experienced drivers are also effective communicators, and of course they know all the ins and outs of their routes and destinations.

Professional and high-quality equipment/facilities

transporteren van industriƫle goederen

DFDS Wijchen can provide a suitable solution for any industrial logistics challenge. Besides providing experienced planners and highly skilled drivers, we also have specialised materials and resources available.

What can DFDS Wijchen do for you?

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