DFDS Wijchen supplies
the construction sector


The global recession has come to an end. As a provider of logistics services for high-value, high-quality, and fragile goods, DFDS Wijchen has noticed this especially in the construction sector, where companies are once again scaling up their activities and investing in the future.

Coordination and communication

The construction sector demands precise coordination and fully transparent communication with project developers and contractors down to the smallest details. So it’s only logical that DFDS Wijchen has systems in place with all the relevant information on the delivery locations. This allows our drivers, who know how to communicate clearly and effectively in perfect English, to request optimum unloading facilities so that deliveries can be made as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Optimum delivery

transporteren van industriële goederen

DFDS Wijchen’s experienced and professional drivers are your best guarantee for optimum delivery. By carefully securing your goods, they eliminate risk of damage and any additional costs. Our working philosophy can be summed up by ‘Our word is our bond’.

FORS certificate

DFDS Wijchen has been granted the FORS certificate. The local government authorities in London established this certificate in order to improve freight transport from and to London. Our FORS certification authorises us to make deliveries into the very centre of London.

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