Are we heading for a hard Brexit?

White paper Brexit part 3

Only 6 weeks remain until a potential hard Brexit. We would like to inform you of the latest news around transporting goods to the United Kingdom and what responsibilities you will have as a client. 

It is currently still unknown whether we will be dealing with a so called soft or hard Brexit. In the first case we can continue to transport goods without any documentation as we have been doing for years. If we end up with a hard Brexit, we will need information on any shipments leaving Holland after March 29th.

What do we need for shipments on or after March 29th?

·             A digital invoice.
·             A paper invoice together with the CMR.
·             Number of boxes / pallets / colli.
·             Weight (gross/nett).
·             HS-Code (product codes).
·             Address and details of the sender.
·             Delivery address including the customers’ company name.
·             Country of origin (were the goods produced in the Netherlands or China for example).
·             Your EORI number and Dutch VAT (BTW) number.
·             The end customer’s EORI number and VAT number.
·             Inco terms (see for more information). We suggest DAP for most clients.

What you should already do now;

Ensure that your Dutch company, your British parent or sister company (if you have one) and all your customers in the UK have an EORI number. This is a customs registration number and can be obtained free of charge. This EORI number is required for import or export to all non-EU countries, including for example Switzerland. Apply for this straight away!

Transitional simplified procedures;

Make sure that your UK customers or your British parent/sister company (if you have one) are registered for TSP (Transitional Simplified Procedures). This is a simplified rule whereby any import duties and VAT do not need to be declared until the 4th day of the month after the goods were shipped. VAT and import duties do not need to be paid at the border. This is a temporary measure that may be changed again in 6 months’ time or so. TSP will only enter force in case of a hard Brexit.

Delays at the border

It is entirely possible that after Brexit the queues at the border will be longer and that therefore shipments will take at least an extra day to arrive. For any shipments where the documentation is missing, these delays can be significantly longer. Please take this into account when agreeing delivery dates with your customers.

Preparations at Huisman

Huisman is as well prepared for Brexit as possible for any Dutch transport company. We will be working with Verhoex customs agents amongst others, as mentioned in a previous letter to you. We keep ourselves abreast of all matters involving Brexit and what this means for our administration, drivers, clients and our UK warehouse. We are in touch with HMRC several times a week to ensure we comply with all measures.

Sit back and wait?

Many entrepreneurs think that things will work out all right in the end and that an agreement will be signed between the EU and the UK. Or that Brexit will be cancelled all together. Of course we hope so too. But a hard Brexit is very realistic and a possibility you and we must prepare for.  

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