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Showcase 4

Showcase 4: EDC in Wijchen

A growing number of international clients are becoming aware of the benefits they can realise by making use of the DFDS Wijchen warehouse as an EDC, on a stand-alone basis or in combination with the warehouse in Corby (Midlands, UK). Wijchen serves to supply clients in Europe, whereas Corby keeps an emergency supply on hand and provides added value due to DFDS Wijchen’s role as a UK specialist.
Recently, three companies contacted us within one month. They wanted an EDC that targeted the UK and Ireland and could also serve to supply the rest of Europe if necessary. The following showcase describes how these three interested parties ended up becoming three clients whom we are now very proud of.

– A North American company with a sales office in the UK
– A Taiwanese company in computer supplies that wanted to move their EDC from the UK to the Netherlands
– A very successful Swedish multinational in technical products

The challenge

The North American and Taiwanese companies were familiar with us from our network and knew what we were capable of. Although they each communicated their individual reasons, requirements, and wishes to us, they both also had something in common. They both wanted to get started as soon as possible.


That demanded a great deal of flexibility from our organisation. After all, we only had a few weeks to set up the warehouse configuration, develop the necessary interfaces between different IT systems, and take care of tax and customs related matters together with our long-time partner in such administrative affairs. On very short notice, we were soon unloading containers with goods that we were not familiar with, but even more importantly we soon succeeded in centralising all the European inventories in our warehouse.

Getting down to work

Soon after this first success, all the departments at DFDS Wijchenv were faced with a new challenge. The US client asked us to take care of transporting hundreds of pallets from all of Europe. By a certain Monday, everything had been taken care of neatly and efficiently and within the planning timeframe. That left us with less than a day to collect the right products from all those pallets, package them, load them, and then transport them to the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Delivery window deadline: 2 PM.

Planning is key

We finished picking the goods at 8 PM on Monday, which was too late to get to the ferry on time. So we opted for the night shuttle through the Eurotunnel, and we arrived at our warehouse in Corby at around 5 AM the next morning. Our English colleagues already had a domestic truck waiting for us, which we loaded at 7 AM, and which departed for Birmingham soon after. The end result: a successful European product launch.

The clincher

The moral of this story? While all this time pressure was building up, our (at the time still potential) Swedish client was visiting the DFDS Wijchen facility throughout the day. As a result, they were able to view the entire process up close and personal. They were so impressed by what they saw that they soon decided to work together with DFDS Wijchen for good.

Facilities expansion

At the end of 2016, the market leader in remanufactured printer ink and parts also moved its EDC to DFDS Wijchen. For decades, we had already been serving their Dutch branch by taking care of all the transports from the Netherlands to the UK and Ireland. Their director then told us that they planned to close their own warehouse in the Netherlands and to centralise the warehouse in Hamburg as an EDC at the DFDS Wijchen facility.

The ensuing preparations took about one year and resulted in the expansion of our existing facilities via new construction activities. The newly built 10,000 additional pallet locations were completed at the end of 2016, which was precisely on time to launch the new EDC facility, to the satisfaction of all the parties concerned.

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