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Showcase 2: The industry

Showcase 2: The industry

The challenge

Two years ago, DFDS Wijchen came into contact with a large multinational in industrial supplies. At the time, the company had a great many warehouses in the UK, many of which had to be eliminated.

The goal was less costs and more service

They convinced the head office that they could continue to deliver the same level of service with a European warehouse in the Netherlands instead of in the UK. That would of course greatly reduce the costs. But would it really be possible to guarantee the same high level of service? Would it be possible to make next-day deliveries to 80% of UK population? DFDS Wijchen makes it possible.

The solution

Again, the solution for this challenge was DFDS Wijchen’s premium service. Once again, we consulted with all the parties involved to get a clear picture of the wishes and requirements. This company did not rush things and took a step-by-step approach. They started with the simpler full loads.

100% proof

DFDS Wijchen proved itself with a delivery reliability of 100%. Next, we also transported larger part loads. The last step consisted of small pallet shipments that had to be delivered the following morning. DFDS Wijchen delivers tailor-made services. If a 48-hour delivery from the Netherlands is adequate, we opt for a more economical solution after consulting with the client.

In practice

What does our premium service actually look like in this case? Each day, we load one or more trailers in the Netherlands no later than 1 PM. At that point in time, all the relevant data is entered into the transport management system via EDI. The planning department immediately gets down to work to organise delivery on the next day.

Next-day delivery

The larger part loads are cross docked and immediately loaded onto the right trailer. Practically all delivery times are booked beforehand. Smaller loads and groupage transport are driven at night to Corby (UK). The truck arrives between 5 AM and 6 AM, and the smaller load is immediately transferred to suitable delivery vehicles. Delivery takes place that same morning or in the course of the day at the times booked beforehand.

A real challenge

We faced a real challenge in the springtime. The client’s warehouse management system in England was completely down for two weeks, so that everything had to be delivered by us from the Netherlands. And we succeeded without anyone even noticing the difference. In the meantime, our client was able to significantly reduce inventory in the UK, resulting in significant financial savings.

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