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Showcase 3: Healthcare

One of the first times that our premium service was deployed was several years ago when we were approached by a producer of accessories for the healthcare sector.

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Showcase 5: UK supply chain?

DFDS Wijchen provides a total package of logistics services in the UK from its own warehouse in Corby, located strategically in the Midlands.

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Showcase 4: EDC in Wijchen

A growing number of international clients are becoming aware of the benefits they can realise by making use of the DFDS Wijchen warehouse as an EDC.

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Showcase 2: The industry

DFDS Wijchen came into contact with a large multinational in industrial supplies. At the time, the company had a great many warehouses in the UK, many of which had to be eliminated.

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Showcase 1: Retail DC’s

DFDS Wijchen was approached by a large multinational in personal care products. They had heard about us from an existing client who had experienced the added value of DFDS Wijchen’s premium service for himself.

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