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DFDS Wijchen is a leader in the development and integration of sophisticated, user-friendly, and innovative IT systems. One of our most important accomplishments is the DFDS Wijchen Web Portal, an online portal where clients can enter and monitor orders.

Putting the client in the driver’s seat

As you probably realise and will certainly experience as a client, the Web Portal provides you with various benefits. To name just a few of these:

  • The Web Portal is seamlessly integrated with your WMS or transport system
  • For large volumes or transports, an efficient EDI is of course possible
  • You can enter orders quickly and easily whenever convenient
  • Monitor the status of your order from your office or on the move
  • Access to all relevant documents
  • View the current location of your shipment
  • Export data to an Excel or PDF file


It goes without saying that DFDS Wijchen also offers the option of an EDI connection for larger volumes or numbers.

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