John Rooks delivers -
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John Rooks delivers

John Rooks knows the English roads like the back of his hand. For some years now, this truck driver has been making three trips per week there. ‘On my father’s side, my family is English, and that creates a bond. It’s also simply great to drive there. The landscape is fantastic, the people are friendly, and unloading in the centre of a city like London is a kick.’

John feels quite at home at his employer. ‘DFDS Wijchen takes good care of me. Not so long ago, I was able to purchase a house, even though I didn’t yet have a permanent contract. They help you think things through and do their best to find a good solution for anything that comes up. That’s also true of your colleagues: you always help each other.’

So what characterises a real DFDS Wijchen driver according to John? ‘Our drivers are always ready to help, collegial, and open. We deal with our equipment, the load, and each other carefully and appropriately. Compared to other transporters, DFDS Wijchen always offers its clients that something extra, and we all contribute to that effort.’

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