Femke van Lierop delivers -
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Femke van Lierop delivers

In mid 2016, Femke van Lierop joined DFDS Wijchen as the person responsible for sales and account management. ‘Before I started at Huisman, I worked for 12 years at a large staffing firm. DFDS Wijchen was my client, so I knew them through and through. I always had the impression that DFDS Wijchen would be a good company to work for. Fortunately, DFDS Wijchen thought the same about me when we talked about my taking on this challenging job.’

Working for a specialist

What Femke likes about DFDS Wijchen is its special focus. ‘We are specialists in England and Ireland. DFDS Wijchen has a special position in the market, and we are known for it. If a company wants to outsource all their transport processes and activities, they know how to find us. It feels great to be part of that.’

DFDS Wijchen’s strength

Femke describes DFDS Wijchen as a dynamic and result-focused organisation. ‘Our focus is always on the client for the full 100%. Everyone here works really hard. We also do a lot to ensure that our employees remain fully motivated. That’s the way to ensure that everyone gets the most out of himself. You also notice it on the shop floor, where you soon get swept up in the energy and dynamic vibes of the day. That’s where you feel the power of DFDS Wijchen.

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