Erik Verplanke delivers -
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Erik Verplanke delivers

Erik Verplanke started his career with DFDS Wijchen as a trainee driver in goods transport. Erik was hired after completing his training and was soon promoted. ‘I’m quite proud that I’ve come so far here. From trainee to all-round employee. I was then promoted to assistant foreman, followed by foreman, and now I can even call myself senior foreman.’

As warehouse manager, safety on the shop floor is one of Erik’s top priorities. ‘We work here in various shifts. Everyone must make sure that everything is finished on time and ready in the right location. It’s my job to ensure that all this is done safely. I supervise the foremen, and they instruct the warehouse assistants. In the end, I’m responsible for the overall supervision.’

Erik always gives his colleagues a great deal of feedback. ‘They really appreciate that. Everyone wants to develop himself further. And that starts with the right attitude. Being a good colleague. Going forward with your head held high and getting down to work. That’s basically how we are, and it’s great. We have a good mix of younger and more experienced colleagues. The experienced ones are always ready to help. They take the time to explain to the younger colleagues how you can best tension a load or how you can package an order more effectively.’

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