By delivering the best logistics services available in the UK and Ireland, DFDS Wijchen gives its clients a competitive edge in their own market.

DFDS Wijchen has a successful track record of almost 50 years in transporting goods from and to Great Britain and Ireland. We have an outstanding record when it comes to contract logistics and the transport of high-value, time-critical, or fragile goods. Or any combination of the above.

Our logistics solutions, tailored to the individual client, deliver cost savings, unrivalled delivery reliability, and – last but not least – complete transparency with regard to the added value provided by our solutions.

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contract logistics en supply chain solutions


As a logistic services provider, DFDS Wijchen offers result-focused solutions in transport & forwarding and contract logistics & supply chain solutions. Plug and play transport? Value-added services in the area of fulfilment or e-commerce? DFDS Wijchen delivers.

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transport begeleiding


DFDS Wijchen is above all a specialist. In logistics from and to the UK and Ireland. In high-value, fragile, and time-critical goods or combinations of these. And in various sectors.

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Huisman Group


From our warehouses in Corby (Midlands, UK) and Wijchen (NL), we provide client-focused logistic solutions targeting Great Britain, Ireland and the European continent.

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"Thanks to DFDS Wijchen's performance and service I can add value for my own clients."

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Watch our brand new company video

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White paper Brexit part 4

Since our previous White Paper, a lot has happened in Brexitland: the exit date has shifted to 31 October, eight alternative options found no approval in the House of Commons and Prime Minister May has resigned. At the same time, not much has changed, strangely enough. Everyone is still living with the uncertainty. Will it be a no-deal Brexit, or will there be a deal after all?

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Showcase 3: Healthcare

One of the first times that our premium service was deployed was several years ago when we were approached by a producer of accessories for the healthcare sector.

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